We cover all aspects of photography (office space, real estate, weddings, graduation and others). The photos are in RAW format without any loss of details. We shoot and record in all conditions. With our professional equipment and experience, we provide high quality photography and recording services.
In agreement with our clients we provide our services on agreed locations. We are available in Bosnia and Herzegovina but are not limited to same.

Retouching images

– Noise removal
– Color, light and shading correction
– Sharpening of blurred images
– Enhancement of images based on client preferences
– Restoration of images

– Repair of damaged photos
– Restoration of torn and cracked images
– Building missing parts of an image
– Colorization of black & white images
– Photo montage

– Combination of multiple elements on a single image
– Addition of an object or person to a photo
– Funny photo montage for gifting purposes
– Photo manipulation
– Other image editing services

– Preparation of products for catalog and ads
– Image crop and size modifications
– Production of HDR photos, panoramas, water marks…
– Photo effects based on client needs
– 3D introductory cover

Image retouching is a fast and efficient way to enhance your image quality, for those images that you know could look better. If you have an old and damaged photos that have sentimental value to you, fear not. We can digitally enhance them and save them from further decay..

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